About ZAR Expo

In 2003 the first national exhibition company ZarExpo was founded on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The tasks of ZarExpo Company are the organization of exhibitions, presentations, conferences, symposia, round tables with the participation of the leading specialists.

Throughout 3 years, in 2005-2007 our company, together with the Russian company “Dental Expo” successfully spent the International stomatological  conference with participation of world stars in the field of stomatology.
In November, 2011, together with the Russian company «Business Cem» the international cement conference and an exhibition «Storoy Cem Tashkent 2011» has been spent.
In September, 2012 within the limits of an exhibition «PharmMedExpo», at support of Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the international conference on a theme has been spent: «The Healthy family-healthy generation», with participation of academicians and professors from Russia and Uzbekistan. With lecture on a theme «the Chronic pain» Jahno Nikolay Nikolaevich - the Honored worker of a science of the Russian Federation, has acted «the Chronic pain» with Academician АМН the Russian Federation., the professor managing chair of nervous illnesses of  Sechenov.


We provide all conditions to every visitor and exhibitor to benefit. Our exhibitors evaluate actuality of the themes, high level of organization and commercial efficiency in exhibition participation. Most companies, organizations and firms being once our exhibitors are our constant participant and partners. All of them find interesting for them information, have opportunity to see and evaluate the best commodities and services presented on the market and establish necessary business contacts.

Individual approach to every exhibitor, diplomacy in solving problems, efficiency and easy access to information, decency and right job formulating structure are the basic principles for job construction for our specialists.


The Uzbek exhibition ZarExpo Company is in the constant development. Our main tasks are perfection of exhibition organization, enhancing of the list of exhibitors and improving provided exhibition services. We constantly develop themes of the exhibition, realizing new projects directed for marketing satisfaction of National business needs.


Our goal is both to increase export of commodities and services of Uzbek enterprises and provide new market opportunities for local producers because our participants are not only local companies but also foreign ones. It helps participant companies to strengthen their position in local and foreign markets, promote their production and react on-the-fly to market changes, strengthen business contacts and attract new partners to collaboration.


The essential part of our exhibitions is holding presentations, conferences, symposia, round tables with the participation of the leading specialists. These events are aimed for discussion of scientific-technical aspects of enterprises activity, stimulate to search of alternative ways of branch development in whole. It attracts attention of specialists and company leaders doing our conferences commercially effective for participants.

Annually increasing interest to our Republic cause our intention to verification of exhibition themes and increasing the level of the mentioned events. Traditionally exhibitions are held in Republican Trade Exhibition Centre "UzExpoCentre" one of the best exhibition pavilions in Uzbekistan.

"ZarExpo" is planning to enlarge and deepen exhibition activity using approved and new themes in accordance with demands of the Uzbek market and perspective tends. We conduct a full set of advertising campaign before every event: in press, on radio, TV, advertisement in Internet, design, street advertising, direct mail, direct marketing, courier delivery.

"ZarExpo" Company actively cooperates with mass media. The most famous and authoritative publishing houses become our informational sponsors and partners. Our exhibitions and events are widely broadcasted in mass media. News releases, catalogs and other necessary information are prepared for accredited journalists.

We encourage you to use our professionalism. We guarantee optimal decisions, accuracy and operations in set tasks solving. There is no doubt that having used our provided services you will do a new step for further stirring up of foreign economic activity of your enterprise and region.

The participation in exhibition is a strong instrument for successful trade if the organization of exposition provided by professionals.

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