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Для чего нужны выставки?  

For what exhibitions are necessary?

Exhibitions are important, universal and highly profitable tool of business. In the conditions of developed economy, exhibitions became an integral part of the general complex of marketing along with direct sales, advertisement positioning, mailing and information placement in the Internet.

In the case of new and emerging markets, they are a major stimulus influencing on the industrial and financial development:

  • promoting industrial development and technology transfer;
  • supporting regional and national industry;
  • initiating the influx of foreign investment in industry and infrastructure.

In addition, the exhibition have a marked impact on local and national economic:

  • promoting direct investment in local infrastructure ( building hotels, restaurants, development of transport networks, etc.);
  • creating new jobs — directly (in the exhibition and congress centers, hotels, restaurants, etc.) and indirectly by contributing to the development of small and medium-sized businesses;
  • improving the image of the city / region.

Our goal is to become a mediator in establishing new business contacts and relationships.

The identification, positioning, detection and coordination of expectations, demands and needs of customers and suppliers — are important aspects of our problems solved. We also aim to expand business opportunities through the business program of trade fair and exhibition events: conferences, seminars, roundtables, social events, etc